Transcend Pain & Liberate Your Soul

One of the most important questions we ask in life is…

“What is Love?”

Love represents the fullness of who we are and is what we use to measure our experiences.

What is your relationship to Love?

Our relationship to Love determines our level of fulfillment in ALL areas of life.

Human beings dream for Love, but are often met with its adversary… pain!

 One of the hardest questions to answer is…

“What is pain?”

Pain is often described as the “absence of Love,” and is traditionally met with great apprehension and fear.

Do you give pain a voice?

Rather than giving pain a voice and trying to understand what it’s telling us, we often throw things at it to make it go away. I.e. Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Entertainment, etc.

Our relationship to pain determines how much we suffer it’s effects, which means that how we meet pain is really important!

 What if Love & pain are NOT separate?

 At Love Ascends, we bridge the gap between Love & Pain

Pain is NOT separate from Love, but is actually trapped or stuck Love that’s become conditional…

How many conditions do you place on Love?

When we add conditions to Love, we block its light from liberating the dense and uncomfortable experiences associated with pain.

When the light of Love is blocked, pain becomes a separate identity with its own rules and conditions - it becomes the shadow of Love!

At Love Ascends, we help our clients:

  1. Overcome the shadow of Love

  2. Discover and release imprints for pain

  3. Resolve the conditions placed on Love & Pain

When imprints are released, blueprints are revealed!

When we resolve our conditions, release imprints, and give pain the opportunity to ascend in Love, we experience transformation.

When Love Ascends, the density of pain lifts and we return back to our original blueprint…

Unconditional Love!

Are you ready to shift to your blueprint?

When a person activates their blueprint, they experience transformation in a variety of ways. Including…

  1. Deeper connection with happiness

  2. Positive shifts in their relationships(inside and out)

  3. Healing of wounds and ailments

And much more!

We are ready to partner with you!