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Each archetype (personality) has its own set of unconscious "blocks & patterns." 

When you discover which archetype you lead with, you'll understand the kinds of patterns keeping you stuck... and how to transform them!

Note: Some options may not 100% apply to you. In that case, select the answer that resonates most.


Heart Healing is a path of wholeness, reintegrating disowned parts of yourself. It's a path that gives you access to your whole heart & true self, opening the door for you to create the kind of authentic, human connections you truly desire.

Transformation begins by gaining insight into yourself & healing places inside that need to be seen, heard and felt by YOU.

As you do this, every single relationship in your life will begin to change (almost like magic) because they'll mirror your new, healed relationship with yourself. 

Within the "Heart Healing Method" are 3 Relationship Archetypes:

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When these Archetypes run unconsciously, they cause issues and challenges in your life.

When you update and integrate all three, they'll support you in receiving everything your heart desires...
And give you access to your True Self. 

I created the Heart Healing Method to help you heal places inside blocking you from your True Self & deeply fulfilling relationships.


The Heart Healing Method works on 4 levels:

Physical ~ Inner Guard

  • Level of your Default Responses & Unconscious Safety Strategies
  • Emotional Wounds & Imprints stored in the body
  • Nervous System: Fight, Flight, or Freeze
  • Need: Safety & Empowerment

Mental ~ Inner Judge

  • Level of your Conscious & Unconscious Belief Systems
  • Judgments & Projections
  • Old Programming & Societal Rules
  • Need: Worthiness & Permission

Emotional ~ Inner Child

  • Level of your Unmet Emotional Needs 
  • Illogical & Unprocessed Fears
  • Anxiety, Urgency & Vulnerability
  • Need: Love & Acceptance

Spiritual ~ True Self

  • Level of your Intuition & Higher Wisdom
  • Spiritual Curriculum
  • Soul Perspective, Learning & Growth
  • Unconditional Love, Trust & Wholeness

When you heal & reintegrate wounded parts of yourself on all levels, you gain access to your True Self and experience the freedom to live & love with your whole heart.


Embodied Healing

You're always doing the best you can with the tools you have.

When you were younger, you weren't given the proper tools for managing your emotions and healing difficult experiences. To protect yourself, you created safety strategies.

As an adult, these strategies no longer serve you. 

Strategies may include:
*Numbing to avoid pain
*Sabotaging healthy relationships
*Staying too long in unhealthy relationships
(Because you don't want to lose the love you have.)

You might...
*Over-Give & People Please
*Manipulate & try to control others
(All to feel safe, loved and protected from places inside that hurt) 

You have old, unhealed wounds because you didn't have the tools you needed at the time to metabolize them.

Unprocessed emotional experiences get stored as imprints or trauma in the body & unconscious mind. Life is designed to bring you the right people, experiences and situations to trigger old wounds to help you heal & grow from them. 

In order to change your life and create the types of experiences you really want, the journey is a path of seeing, feeling & hearing unprocessed emotions and experiences. 

Although uncomfortable to face, wounds become wisdom and wisdom is gold.

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Love is the journey home to your True Self.


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