Transformational Programs

For individuals ready for a soul-centered transformational healing journey.

Learn how to set boundaries without guilt, heal emotional wounds & transform your relationships... starting with your connection to yourself.

For couples struggling to make it work... Or in a big transition (newly engaged/married).

Learn how to communicate so you both feel fully heard and understood, reestablishing the connection you used to have... or maybe even better.


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Somatic Counseling

Somatic counseling is a talking approach to embodied healing. I'll work with your body and nervous system to support you in settling and slowing down to release old imprints. I'll teach you tools, as needed, to support you in self-regulating your nervous system, processing and metabolizing imprints to help you become more embodied. 


Somatic Counseling is a tool I use to support my clients as needed. It can be used both in-person and over the phone/Skype.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Biodynamic Cranioscaral Therapy works with the body and nervous system. It facilitates deep relaxation and settling to support your body in processing, metabolizing and releasing stored energy from old wounds and trauma. 

During the session, you may see colors or images that come to you, notice sensations moving in your body and feel an overall sense of peace and safety. We'll discuss what occurred and how it may relate to what you're experiencing in your life.

After a session you may feel more relaxed, centered and present in your body.

Trauma & Imprints

Trauma is defined as any type of emotional reaction or response.

Any unresolved trauma from the past is stored in the body as imprints. Your autonomic nervous system is designed to regulate your system to keep you alive. When you go through a traumatic experience your nervous system will encapsulate energy that would overwhelm your system in the moment and stores it for a later time when you're capable of processing it. 

Stored imprints are what get triggered through the circumstances of your life, most commonly through your closest relationships. Your life is designed to bring you situations (and people) to show you where your unhealed wounds are to help you finally heal and release them. Many people try to avoid coming into contact with their stored imprints by attempting to control the outer circumstances and people in their life. But your outer experiences are a reflection of your inner reality. To change your life and relationships on the outside you must start by going within.

Over the course of your life the imprints from traumatic, emotional and overwhelming experiences build up. If you haven’t developed the skills to slow down enough to meet and metabolize them, you'll eventually end up reaching or surpassing your window of tolerance.

Window of Tolerance

When your system is overloaded with unprocessed imprints, you'll reach a point where you feel like you can't handle the day-to-day stress of your life. When you're at or beyond your window of tolerance it might feel like you have a very short fuse, are overly sensitive and reactive to what seems like "every little thing." 

Note: If this is where you're at, there's nothing wrong with you. There's only built up trauma in your body that needs to decompress in order to heal.

Blueprint & Health

Your system is extremely intelligent and knows how to heal itself. It needs the right environment to access its own blueprint for health and healing. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy creates that environment by meeting your system with the right contact to help it settle into a deep, relaxed state.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can be included in Mentorship Sessions for in-person clients. 

Andrea is a gifted facilitator of your process.

"Andrea's presence is powerful and palatable. She's a gifted facilitator of your process and has much depth and experience to offer. She holds a space that is honored with sacredness and tender support to allow for a heart opening experience and clarity."

Teresa Jacquemoud | Kapolei, HI


Her insight is spot on.

"Andrea's insight is spot on. She has a gift for creating a safe space for you to feel supported in being just who you are. What a blessing!"

Tristen | Kailua, HI

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