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To say that Andrea has changed my life is an understatement!

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First and foremost, I start this testimonial with a sincere and most humble expression of gratitude toward Andrea Pack.  To say that she has changed my life is an understatement!  I am evolving into a happier and more fulfilled person and I finally see the magic she spoke of in our very first session together.

Andrea has helped me become aware of past patterns that did not serve me, they instead caused me a great deal of pain and depression. I had come to a point in my life where everything seemed dark and quite hopeless and I convinced myself it was just my nature to be a depressed person.  By looking at my past she helped me to see that I had dealt with a lot of childhood trauma.  These traumas affected me as a young child and I had carried that wounded, unhealed child within me all of these years. The wounds manifested into different behavior patterns. The trauma caused me to form my own perceptions of reality (that most people were out to hurt me). This trauma also caused me to have unhealthy attachments to people especially men (fear of abandonment). I learned that my past had me in defensive mode. I needed to know how and why to everything so that I could be prepared when the shoe dropped.  I had stopped looking at the possibilities of the future and instead focused only on how was I going to survive each day….where was the joy in living?

Something I have struggled with in the past is trusting in people and the universe.  My previous perception was that people and life were out to get me or hurt me in some way. Through different practices Andrea has had me do over several months, I have learned to figure out that I was seeing this perception through the lens of a wounded child.  Andrea had me do several things to start the healing process.  She has taught me to find out what that wounded child needed and how to be there for her, how to help her heal, how to love her.  She also taught me how to gauge where I was emotionally and to also see how far I had come.  Those achievements led to great feelings of power that I could indeed overcome those feelings of self doubt...what I, at one time, thought was impossible.

Another major struggle in my life was unhealthy attachments towards people, more specifically men.  What I learned about myself is that I needed all people to like me and generally think well of me.  I learned that my view of relationships toward men was unhealthy.  I often (well let’s be real here..) ALWAYS gave my power away.  I was willing to lose myself in order to gain their validation of me…that I was good enough for them or that I was lovable, worthy and needed.  My relationships were so painful and over time I had no idea who I even was.  I was always trying to be what I thought was needed to keep that person in my life…not knowing that it was killing me inside and driving those people away as well.  Here, Andrea pointed out again, my past and my relationship with my father.  My lack of validation and care that I received from my dad I sought after in my romantic relationships.  It wasn’t until Andrea had me start healing my inner wounded child, I could now give myself what I needed.  I finally realized I could not and should not look for it outside of myself.  Finally I started to ask myself, when I was hurting emotionally, what was it that my inner child needed and then give it to her.  A huge shift started with this practice and I found myself checking in with myself more often and especially when anxiety started to rise in me or different energy that felt uncomfortable.  Feelings started to become like little blinking red lights to me, that I needed to check in and see what was going on.  Something quite different from the past where I ignored those emotions until I finally blew up because I could take no more.  Because of this practice, I have become more calm and definitely feel more secure with myself. (THANK YOU ANDREA!!!) These practices have helped me immensely and contribute to me forming healthy boundaries and knowing what I need and want from a relationship with a man….they have given me a voice I did not have previously.

In the past I was the gal who watched her life chair side.  I was not an active participant, instead I was looking for fires to potentially put out. I was in ready mode for certain disasters or I was preparing myself in advance on how to deal with potential disasters. This was robbing me of any type of happiness and instead I was caught in a vicious cycle of worry. Andrea has patiently worked with me to gain trust in myself and in this universe and God as well. She has taught me to find my inner God(dess) by visualizing this amazing and beautiful being that lives within me. This visualization practice has helped me to feel connected to God (Source) and myself. I have been able to relax into knowing this part of me and feel the strength and comfort that comes forth. This is where the magic truly showed up for me! My connection with God, friends, co-workers and even strangers have shifted. These connections feel genuine and caring, and bring me a lot of joy! I am definitely seeing through a loving heart rather than a fearful heart and my world has changed!

I’ll close with an analogy.  

While on a summer vacation, I had the opportunity to go scuba diving in Jamaica.  Having never scuba dived, how hard could it be, right? So I took a short course one morning in a swimming pool and by that afternoon I was headed on a boat out into the ocean.  I had fear and excitement all bundled up together. Finally we hit some special spot and the anchor was thrown.  The instructor had us fall back into the water and each of us, one by one, slowly descended down the chain of the anchor, using it as a guide.  When it was my turn, any excitement I had was replaced with pure fear. (Plus it didn’t help that I was playing the Jaws theme in my head).  I finally descended some 40 feet below and I made the mistake of looking up and seeing how far away the surface was. Panic kicked in, it was dark and cold and I could not get enough air… I was headed for a full blown panic attack, no hope for survival and only doom eminent.  Luckily the instructor must have seen the amazing amount of bubbles coming from my respirator or that my eyes were as big as saucers, either way he came to me and had me focus on him. He reminded me of all the tools and techniques I had learned previously then had me repeat them back to him.  He gave me my confidence back and I was able to continue with my underwater journey. It was an experience I will never forget and saw such amazing things…a whole other world! My life has been a lot like this in that is has been dark and full of fear. I have been hanging on, hoping that things would change until one amazing day I met an instructor who showed me how to show up for ME! And because of this wonderful woman (my personal angel) I have been able to experience a whole new world filled with hope and joy…and when disappointments come around they are not the end of the world, I can actually look for the blessing behind them realizing that I am growing and evolving. 

Thank you will never be enough Andrea :)

To read more about Christine's experience, Click Here.  

Christine McDonald | Abilene, TX | Realtor

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I'm happier than I ever thought possible!

"Working with Andrea completely transformed my life for the better! When I think back to what my life was like before working with her, I feel so grateful for how far I've come and how much my life has been upgraded.

Before Andrea, I was sleepwalking through life and moving at a very fast pace; it’s as if I was on this road of pursuing success to feel fulfilled and happy in my life, but it wasn’t working. I had just completed a master’s program to further me in a career that I thought was the right step forward, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me. Then, I met Andrea and as soon as we connected, I knew I needed to work with her—it felt so right. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! Andrea was the catalyst that put me on my true path in life. 

As a result of working with her, I found my true purpose, my relationships and friendships totally transformed, and most importantly I learned to love myself, become my own best friend and celebrate all that I am. I left my corporate job, let go of a relationship that was not serving me, and began listening to my own inner wisdom to guide me to what I really wanted in my life. I am no longer trying to get to some “destination” because I learned that everything I was searching for was already within me and that authentic success is in the journey and I am living it every single day! My life feels in alignment with my true self and I am happier than I ever thought possible!"

Sugey Gomez | Los Angeles, CA | Health Coach

Andrea helped me transform my life.

"Andrea helped me transform my life. I was frightened to change and my worst fear of not being good enough always held me back. She helped me move through my fear and now I have the courage to not worry about what others think. I have the strength to put myself out there and share my gifts now. Andrea's coaching intuitively got to the core of my issues and helped me see them for what they were, a voice in my head. Andrea, thank you for the coaching and encouragement over Skype and email. I'll always be able to look back and see you as the person who empowered me to clarify my gifts and move ahead with what I desire."

Sharon Lagan | Queensland, Australia | Relationship Coach

Working with Andrea has been life changing!

"Andrea is amazing! She's gentle, intuitive, and guided me with much love and patience on a journey of self-discovery. She helped me overcome my fears of rejection that have been holding me back from becoming who I want to be in my life and business. After working with Andrea for six months, I am overcoming my fears, trusting my inner voice, and living my life from a place of intrinsic worthiness. Working with Andrea has been life changing!"

Angela Raspass | Sydney, Australia | Marketing Coach

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My fiancé & I did a VIP Day with Andrea that changed us and the course of our relationship.

"Andrea helped us get to the bottom of core issues that were coming between us. We learned how to communicate differently, to understand where each of us were coming from and how to make the changes we needed to improve AND save our relationship. Andrea was able to clearly see, understand and navigate what was going on for us not only with each other but also with ourselves. She has such a loving presence and her clarity, guidance, and words of wisdom are powerful and transformative. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling in their relationship. The tools we learned help us everyday. We're so much happier and continue to grow stronger together."

Whitney Harrison | Sacramento, CA

Her intuition is always so spot on. 

"Andrea has been such a guiding light in my life. She helped me through some of my most challenging times from getting through breakups, navigating dating and knee surgery. Andrea taught me that relationships happen for a reason, a season, or a lifetime and just because a relationship didn't last a lifetime, doesn't mean that it failed. She helped me open up to new and different perspectives that really got me through to the other side. Her intuition is always so spot on and she has a gift for being able to see what's really going on underneath the surface."

Lauren Duffey | San Francisco, CA

Andrea has a gift. I'm so blessed to have worked with her.

"Andrea has a gift. Working with her has been uplifting and transformative. She's helped me to see the positivity in any situation and to welcome change as an opportunity for growth. Being on a spiritual path and working towards my higher purpose is not easy, and Andrea has been my cheerleader in the best possible way. I'm so blessed to have worked with her and I can't recommend her enough."

Melissa B. | Santa Monica, CA | Designer

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I discovered how to find my own answers within myself. 

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"After working with Andrea, I learned how to trust myself, to be more in tune with my own intuition and go with my gut instincts. I've embraced and accepted myself more. I rely less on the opinion of others and discovered how to find my own answers within myself. In the past, I took for granted the ones closest to me and failed to appreciate their love. Now I hope to constantly show that appreciation and to give back. I've forgiven people from my past and am more open to love with my partner. I moved away from many relationships and attachments that weren't healthy for me and that was really important. I developed a more relaxed approach to building stronger friendships and learned how to recognize who belongs in my inner circle." 

Nguyen Le | Honolulu, HI | CEO

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I met Andrea when I needed her wisdom the most.

"I was struggling in my marriage and Andrea came into my life at just the right time. Working with her changed the course of my relationship with my husband, my children, and myself. I learned that the best thing I could do for my family was to continue improving my relationship with myself. I'm teaching my kids how to love themselves and that who they are is deeper than what they look like, not about being perfect. Andrea's work is powerful, healing and transformational."

Marissa L. | Honolulu, HI

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I found strength within myself that I thought I'd lost. 

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Andrea is tuned in and has such a great knowing and connection to her intuition. After working with her, I found strength within myself that I thought I'd lost. My relationship with my husband has gotten better. I learned how to look inside myself and love the parts of myself that felt unlovable. I've worked with therapists in the past but Andrea's work has felt deeper and made much more of a difference for me. I absolutely love working with her!

Rowena Hiraga | Honolulu, HI

Magic happens when I work with her!

"Andrea truly has a gift! Her presence and genuine spirit allows me to feel completely at ease and safe opening up some of my most vulnerable places. She really hears what the issue is and is able to reflect back to me guidance that is supportive and motivational. Her love is felt through the phone and I'm always able to shift my energy in a positive direction when I work with her. Andrea is my go-to confidant when I can no longer handle what life throws at me or when I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Magic happens when I work with her. I highly recommend her and I'm so grateful for her support." 

Desirée Young | Los Angeles, CA | Territory Manager

I always feel better about myself when I talk to her.

"Andrea is extremely intuitive and knows how to support you in finding clarity and power. She gives you tools so you can claim all of who you are and transform your life. Andrea is encouraging and teaches you how to access your answers from within. Her loving energy is truly empowering. I always feel better about myself when I talk to her. She sees me for who I truly am! She celebrates my successes and helps me stretch into a better version of myself. I can't say enough wonderful things about Andrea."

Adriana Sorgi | Los Angeles, CA | Empowerment Coach

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I don't believe it was an accident that we found Andrea. 

"God's hand was in that, and I'm grateful. Andrea helped me reduce my anxiety. I learned how to identify and communicate what I want in my relationship with my wife. After working with Andrea, I'm learning how to practice acceptance of myself, of my wife, of our children, and of our marriage. In my journey with my wife, I know I have a lot to learn. But, I know that God sends us people like Andrea, and she left a lasting impression on us. Thank you, Andrea, for your time and love." 

Marc P. | Arizona

She's a gifted and insightful individual who has so much wisdom and kindness in her soul.

"Andrea helped me see how I pushed my needs and feelings down in order to keep peace in my marriage, not realizing I was betraying myself. This understanding helped me learn to honor how I feel and be true to myself, even though it's hard because my husband hasn't always liked the changes in me. I struggled when he had different opinions than mine, feeling like I'd be forced to do what he wanted. His opinions felt like a threat to me and Andrea helped me notice how my body tensed up as he shared what he wanted. This awareness was something I'd never noticed before. Now that I'm learning to face his disappointments, I'm less tense because I realize he doesn't define who I am and I don't have to do everything he wants. I'm my own person and I get to honor that! Since our session, I also see that I'm becoming a happier mother, seeking first to understand my children and giving myself time to decide on necessary consequences instead of reacting in the moment. 

I LOVED working with Andrea! She's a gifted and insightful individual who has so much wisdom and kindness in her soul. I feel her approach to couples honors both individuals equally. She was able to not only see the real issues clearly herself, but was also able to communicate them to us in a way we both could understand. Also, Andrea points out the positive traits in each spouse which is such a powerful addition to her mentoring. She encourages and believes in the goodness of each person and I felt so understood and cared for while talking with her. I absolutely recommend Andrea to any couples or individuals who are struggling with communication, self-identity, or connection. Andrea is a very gifted mentor and I'm sincerely honored to know her!"

Laura P. | Arizona

I highly recommend her - she WILL change your life for the better!

"Andrea was instrumental in helping me move on to my next stage in life. I was stuck in a rut, doing life without really enjoying it. She is full of insight and pointed me in the direction I needed to go. She is vibrant, patient, caring, and has the best personality of anyone I know. I highly recommend her - she WILL change your life for the better!" 

Elaine Bacio | San Mateo, CA | Health Coach

Andrea helped me gain feelings I couldn't access before.

"Andrea stepped into my life at just the right time. Her compassion, kindness and wisdom had such a positive and strong influence on me. I'm so grateful we met. She helped me dig out what was inside of me and helped me gain feelings I couldn't access before. The most amazing thing was learning that I am worth something special and that I don't have to be so hard on myself. Thank you so much, Andrea!"

Ashleigh Santistevan | Northglenn, CO

Andrea is intuitive, insightful, articulate, and gentle in her approach.

"Andrea is intuitive, insightful, articulate, and gentle in her approach. I am so grateful for her skillful and caring guidance through some difficult emotional issues. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to dive into some deep healing. I am feeling lighter and have a brighter perspective."

Ruth Uemura | Honolulu, HI

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Talking to Andrea for an hour was more effective than months of counseling. 

"Andrea listens well, understands complex dilemmas, and offers manageable exercises aimed at self-improvement and happiness. Talking to her for an hour was more effective than months of counseling. She is a true source of wise counsel. I highly recommend her."

Shannon Martinez | Denver, CO | Lawyer

Andrea led me to a great insight I needed for my healing.

"Andrea is an intuitive facilitator with an open soul and mind who went straight to the heart of my issues in a loving, supportive way. She led me to a great insight I needed for my healing and in a beautiful, soft way that helped me feel safe enough to overcome my fear of feeling my emotions. What a joy to work with!"

Angela Renkoski | Santa Monica, CA

Andrea's most outstanding gift is her heart.

"Andrea's most outstanding gift is her heart. She makes you think upward, never focusing on the negative, always focusing on the positive and reflecting love and light wherever she goes."

Cheya Dixon | San Francisco, CA | District Manager

She'll help you discover your True Self in times when all seems lost.

"Loving, enlightened and empowering. I feel blessed for having crossed paths with Andrea. Her bright energy has lightened up my journey. She's truly an inspiration and intuitively knows how to get through to others in a genuine, guiding manner. She'll help you discover your True Self in times when all seems lost, leading you every step of the way. Andrea makes coaching the best gift you could ever treat yourself to!" 

Eva Schippers | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Graphic Designer

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Andrea guided me through a process of connecting me to my True Self.

"I had such a positive experience working with Andrea. She guided me through a process of connecting me to my True Self. Feeling authentically seen and heard was such a healing experience and helped me feel like I'm not alone and am supported. Thank you for truly seeing me. I feel as though my inner flame is bright again. To the light, Andrea, thank you."

Angie Brown | Honolulu, HI

I learned more spending a couple hours with Andrea than I did in a year of therapy.

"I was very unfulfilled and ready to leave my marriage when I found Andrea. She helped me identify and heal old wounds inside myself. As a result, I was amazed at how quickly my relationship with my husband completely transformed. We're still married and doing great thanks to Andrea. She has been a catalyst for so much growth during tough times."

Marcela G. | Hawaii

Andrea is a gifted facilitator of your process.

"Andrea's presence is powerful and palatable. She's a gifted facilitator of your process and has much depth and experience to offer. She holds a space that is honored with sacredness and tender support to allow for a heart opening experience and clarity."

Teresa Jacquemoud | Kapolei, HI

Her insight is spot on.

"Andrea's insight is spot on. She has a gift for creating a safe space for you to feel supported in being just who you are. What a blessing!"

Tristen | Kailua, HI

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